you've got to be kidding

SF filth

when i was 16 i went up to the city of san fran with my friend taylor. we met a bum named "asshole" there who bought us booze and showed us around the city. He always wore a black beanie and greasy, crooked glasses. One of his feet was in a cast and his toes that stuck out were cracked and scabbed. He hung out wiht us in our hostel room that had "Shit Hole" spray painted on the wall and yelled at passerbys out the window. After He downed a king kobra, he threw it at some unsuspecting guy below in his convertable. "Fucking Yuppie!" asshole yelled at the top of his lungs. He turned to my friend and me. "Let's go fuckin panhandle so i can drink some more!!!!!!!!!" the rest of the night was a blur, but somewhere in there he initiated me into his superbroad drinking crew for pounding a 40 on the F tram on our way up to castro. that's about it for that night. oh yeah, and my friend ended up running away from home to travel with this guy Asshole.
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you've got to be kidding


this has to be the best community ever. one time my friend clay and i picked up this bum outside of 80s club and he tried to pimp us off to these "ballers" on hollywood blvd who were working at some ritzy club. the bum wanted some coke. we told him he could have some alcohol. then he went and scored some meth and we drove him around as he insisted on smoking it in the car.
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I'm glad I'm on Depo birth control.

I was at a party last week and we invited everyone, including a homeless man named King Love.

I got really, really drunk and ended up sleeping with King Love.
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