Mt Clemens Whuttttt

So yea. The movie 8 mile comes out today. I'm pretty pissed off about this movie.

1. It should be a comedy.
2. The though of Eminem making a movie about Detroit it kinda rediculous. I thought he was from one of those honkey towards St. Clair Shores cities. I want to say Mt. Clemens Whuttttt!

I should find people to chip into picking a bum up off eight mile, get him saused and have him make a critique for

part time bum

Hey, I was a bum for 7 months, best time of my life and man did I party with some bums and some ordinary people. It was fun. Beer for breakfast and lunch and whiskey for dinner. Yum yum yum. Being told by cops so go PARTY yes they actually said PARTY in a certain park. Being allowed to drunk in a public park is great. Spanging on Melrose with all those kids and getting drunk off my ass and making about $50 a night at least. Having normal people take me and my boyfriend to their homes so we could shower and having them cook me gormet vegetarian meals or even just having them buy us CHINESE FOOD with portions that grow the longer you leave them sitting. Partying in Michigan with some of the bums here by OCC- each of us having our own little half pint of vodka that cost like $2 or something ungodly cheap and realizing that its easier to drink straight than some of the more expensive vodkas. Yeah, I like me some bums.

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Hey babies!

I was at dee laundromat yesterday, and this woman asked me what dee tarot said about dee grass stain in her pants, and I told her that dee tarot said for her to "shout it out", and dee stain will come off. Dee next ting I know, that woman is holding her pants in front of her and is screaming at them. Some people is so dumb, mon.

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Dee little hula dancer that sits on dee dashboard of mah '85 Toyota Cressida snapped in half, mammah.

I need to get her fixed, mon. She looks like she may have some psychic powers, herself. I may take up hula dancing! I'm not sure if they make hula hoops Miss Cleo's size, though, babies. Mabey I should try to learn that dance dee Huxtables do at dee beginning of dee Cosby Show?

Oh, time to go, babies. Mah lobster's ready.


I am falling apart.

Ahhh I am a bum with no friends. :(
I used to have friends, but that stupid bitch had to mess it all up!
ahhh ok u proly don't know what I’m talking about but uhh yeah.
I really need to complain to some one. Any one want to hear me out.
I'm a very kind bum...really I am. :)

ahhh I am online all the time and I like random ims.
s/name tvinmyeye2
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uh huh

so i'm steven.

i live in woodstock, ny, in a van.

no, not down by the river..its by a creek..dork.

i often drink with bums..because..well i guess i am a bum. i live in a van, in woodstock.

i'm stuck in florida right now..but i'm going back tonight..and uh..i miss my bum friends =] so thats all i guess..that will do for an introduction..later.
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some bum told me he was in love with me today... and that if we moved in togeather we could wash pans... he said his head was like a brillo pad... anyway yeah.. exciting