The Cow Guy (istoleyourpie) wrote in party_with_bums,
The Cow Guy

Potato's and Bums

Last night we played a game off our 3rd floor balcony.

At the corner of 2nd and Alexandrine in Detroit there's always bums/hookers. Last night my friend Mary came in my room and said, you've gotta come here and said there was a passed out bum getting bitched at by another bum.

I went into the room nextdoor (which has a large balcony outside) and there was a bum spralled out passed out drunk or on drugs and another bum slapping him around saying, "get up nigga!" and after a while, he started to try and drag him down the street.

After a bit, he gave up.

Hookers and creepy people walked by and just kinda looked at him. Once in a while he moved his head or tried getting up.

We have a huge potato gun. We considered shooting it at him, but the boom it makes is seriously like a gun firing and we didn't want to only get one shot off. So.. the 3 guys there got out 2 bags of potato's and tried hitting him for about 15 minutes. It was pretty challenging and i don't think anyone directly hit him. Once in a while he picked up his head, maybe some potato splatter hit him or he wondered what the noises were. He was kinda far away and it was pretty challenging.

he started walking down the street across from us getting closer and we unloaded the bag on him, yet I dont' think anyone directly hit him unfortunately. He was so fucked up it would have laid him on his ass.

We then drank some 40's.

Well kiddies... Thats all for now.

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