The Cow Guy (istoleyourpie) wrote in party_with_bums,
The Cow Guy

Seems nobody's been showing bums a good time lately. I guess the moderator can give a story.

Last Saturday we brought some random people back to my house in Detroit one of which was from what I could tell without asking a bum.

We told everyone free beer and i thought we actually wern't comming through on that one. Turns out when the church van of people came that iheart_arson brought, they actually brought a 1/4 keg with them. (the biggest keg commonly bought is a 1/2 barrel... go figure?) I was kind of suprised that we came through on that.

We drank it in the Basement cuz we have a bar down there and can spill crap all over the floor.

We got drunk and laid on the fake homosexual comments/jokes and said in order for him to get a ride home, he's gonna have to cum for us. We practically got him drunk and molested him without breaking any orafices.

He was getting up in people's faces and was all like he was going to fight people and all we did was look into his eyes and ask him if he wanted to kiss or hug.

Finally he was acting like he was going to leave and we had our fun with him so when he ran out the front door we just locked it on him. He came back and pouted like a stray dog so we let him back in and continued torturing his homophobic side.

Blah blah blah it ended up one of us took him outside and basically whooped his ass up and down the street (seriously) and he ran off into the darkess of hookers and bums of the Cass Corridor (Wayne State/Magic Stick Area) of Detroit.

BTW none of us are gay.

If anyone lives in the Detroit area and wants to party (we do a lot at my house, it's humungous), let me know/ad me.

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