fit to be tied (fittobetied) wrote in party_with_bums,
fit to be tied

part time bum

Hey, I was a bum for 7 months, best time of my life and man did I party with some bums and some ordinary people. It was fun. Beer for breakfast and lunch and whiskey for dinner. Yum yum yum. Being told by cops so go PARTY yes they actually said PARTY in a certain park. Being allowed to drunk in a public park is great. Spanging on Melrose with all those kids and getting drunk off my ass and making about $50 a night at least. Having normal people take me and my boyfriend to their homes so we could shower and having them cook me gormet vegetarian meals or even just having them buy us CHINESE FOOD with portions that grow the longer you leave them sitting. Partying in Michigan with some of the bums here by OCC- each of us having our own little half pint of vodka that cost like $2 or something ungodly cheap and realizing that its easier to drink straight than some of the more expensive vodkas. Yeah, I like me some bums.

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