Divinora Darling (aboriginal) wrote in party_with_bums,
Divinora Darling

Partying With Bums Is Baaaddddd!!!

Hi,Iam new.....I dont join very many communities,but I had to join this one.Partying with bums is awesome,and I do it on a regular basis.......so hello everybody!

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    Since garbage and bums go hand in hand:

  • Shooting Bums

    Lately at our house, there's been people staying up for hours on end sniping bums. 2 nights ago, my friend.... Stan.... staked out at a window at…

  • Potato's and Bums

    Last night we played a game off our 3rd floor balcony. At the corner of 2nd and Alexandrine in Detroit there's always bums/hookers. Last night my…

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