Shooting Bums

Lately at our house, there's been people staying up for hours on end sniping bums.

2 nights ago, my friend.... Stan.... staked out at a window at our house and waited for some bums to go by. One came up and smoked a rock behind a dumpster which faces towards our house.

When he was done, i guess he bent over and he shot him in the ass with a pellet gun. That thing had to hurt. It wasn't more than like 20 - 30 yards away. I saw that thing shoot at least an inch into wood before. I guess he grabbed his ass and bent over.

The night before that he shot one going by on a bike.

That and we've been controlling the pidgeon population. They shit all over our roof.

Potato's and Bums

Last night we played a game off our 3rd floor balcony.

At the corner of 2nd and Alexandrine in Detroit there's always bums/hookers. Last night my friend Mary came in my room and said, you've gotta come here and said there was a passed out bum getting bitched at by another bum.

I went into the room nextdoor (which has a large balcony outside) and there was a bum spralled out passed out drunk or on drugs and another bum slapping him around saying, "get up nigga!" and after a while, he started to try and drag him down the street.

After a bit, he gave up.

Hookers and creepy people walked by and just kinda looked at him. Once in a while he moved his head or tried getting up.

We have a huge potato gun. We considered shooting it at him, but the boom it makes is seriously like a gun firing and we didn't want to only get one shot off. So.. the 3 guys there got out 2 bags of potato's and tried hitting him for about 15 minutes. It was pretty challenging and i don't think anyone directly hit him. Once in a while he picked up his head, maybe some potato splatter hit him or he wondered what the noises were. He was kinda far away and it was pretty challenging.

he started walking down the street across from us getting closer and we unloaded the bag on him, yet I dont' think anyone directly hit him unfortunately. He was so fucked up it would have laid him on his ass.

We then drank some 40's.

Well kiddies... Thats all for now.

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Seems nobody's been showing bums a good time lately. I guess the moderator can give a story.

Last Saturday we brought some random people back to my house in Detroit one of which was from what I could tell without asking a bum.

We told everyone free beer and i thought we actually wern't comming through on that one. Turns out when the church van of people came that iheart_arson brought, they actually brought a 1/4 keg with them. (the biggest keg commonly bought is a 1/2 barrel... go figure?) I was kind of suprised that we came through on that.

We drank it in the Basement cuz we have a bar down there and can spill crap all over the floor.

We got drunk and laid on the fake homosexual comments/jokes and said in order for him to get a ride home, he's gonna have to cum for us. We practically got him drunk and molested him without breaking any orafices.

He was getting up in people's faces and was all like he was going to fight people and all we did was look into his eyes and ask him if he wanted to kiss or hug.

Finally he was acting like he was going to leave and we had our fun with him so when he ran out the front door we just locked it on him. He came back and pouted like a stray dog so we let him back in and continued torturing his homophobic side.

Blah blah blah it ended up one of us took him outside and basically whooped his ass up and down the street (seriously) and he ran off into the darkess of hookers and bums of the Cass Corridor (Wayne State/Magic Stick Area) of Detroit.

BTW none of us are gay.

If anyone lives in the Detroit area and wants to party (we do a lot at my house, it's humungous), let me know/ad me.
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cost of being homeless

Cereal: $3.69
Quart of milk: $1.19
+Plastic Bowl: $1.49

Total cost for a bowl of cereal: $6.37

Hmmmmmmm.... I bought the smallest milk the store had... a box of Chex and since I couldn't find a disposable bowl around I had to buy one... luckily the grocery store had a 'salad bar' so I grabbed a plastic spoon from there or else I'd have to buy a box of plastic spoons for $0.99 as well... (I usually stash plastic silverware from Mc D's and Wendy's for 'homeless picnics' as mostlyhere calls them)....

The things that are pathetic:
#1. if I don't finish the milk before it gets warm I have to dump it out since I have no place to store it.
#2. If I don't eat the whole box of cereal I have to dump it or give it away (which I typically do) since I don't have room in my bag to drag it around for a few days... besides it would get crushed and the cereal would be crummy...
#3. I don't typically have room to keep a bowl in my bag al lthe time- too much to drag... so after a few days I will either give it to someone, stick it in a donation bin for whoever wants/needs it, or stick it in my storage unit. but if its in my storage unit and I decide I need a bowl I either have to travel to the unit (and pay to take the T) or buy another one... I used to keep my own bowl and cup in my locker in the shelters because I was tired of getting sick from improperly washed dishes, but yeah, it's harder now with no set place....

because I am homeless I get less in foodstamps.
when they figure your food stamps amount they take your income level and then figure in your dependants, rent and utilities. based on that they give you your foodstamps. Before I had told them I was homeless, I got $139/mo in foodstamps. I had no income. Then I got disability and it dropped to $87 because I had income. When they found out I was homeless it dropped to $10/mo in foodstamps because I pay no rent... yet I do pay rent- I pay for a storage unit. I pay almost as much for storing my stuff as I would for rent under section 8.... but storage units don't count as rent.... My cellphone also does not count as a utility. I pay more for a cellphone then I would for a regular phone if I had an apartment... but being homeless I don't have that option... If I'm going to have a phone it has to be a cell...

in many ways being homeless costs more than having a home... storage units are very expensive compared to section 8 housing, cellphones are more than home phones, and groceries are more... if I had an apartment I could store food and so I wouldn't waste and I'd be able to buy a gallon of milk for $1.50 more than a quart of milk... and that gallon of milk and box of cereal would be breakfast for a week instead of 1 meal (maybe 2)... I wouldn't have to buy the smallest condiments bottle or single serving foods that cost more... I could buy it in regular quantities... meals don't have to be 'to-go' instead of stuff you can prepare at home... you save so much money when you buy food for a week or 2 at a time instead of one meal at a time... if you have a house you don't have to worry about replacing clothes and blankets and stuff as often because they get worn out quickly or stolen when you are homeless...

another weird thing:
in Massachusetts if you are on EAEDC and you are homeless you get $92/mo.
thats $3/day to live on. you have to buy your meals, medicine, clothes, pay for storage, cellphone/calling cards, toiletries, public transportation etc. with that money... (or know your resources to find free clothes, meals etc)
</b> If you have a home you get $340/mo. </b>
you typically only pay $25/mo rent because of how low your income is. utilities are covered generally. you have food stamps (at least $139/mo) so that leaves you with $315 for your other needs....
WHY the big difference??? don't they realize homeless people have expenses?- maybe not. because the people that pick these amounts have never been homeless... they are middle/upper class politicians or something... you cannot have any other means of income if you are on EAEDC or you lose your benefits....

And you wonder why homeless people panhandle??? Hmmmm...... unless they are on SSI/SSDI how can they afford to get by??? And how are they supposed to save for housing/security deposit etc with only $3/day to live on?????
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I have never actually partied with a bum, but the first time I ever got stoned was with a hobo in downtown.

He was a young dude, a friend of a guy I was hanging out with that day, and we sat on the stairs behind some dilapidated buildings (mmm) and smoked. It was great.

the end.
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just joined.. and wanted to introduce myself... I'm 22. female. and homeless... (read my journal for the rest of the details)

the board seems dead... anyone wanna liven it up???
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Is there ANYONE in the Indianapolis area willing to house two cats from out of the area for 300-400 bux/a month?

I'm getting too impatient with all these services with having barely any replies..

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Friend of Aboriginal

Hi all... just joined the community. Used to be a dirty mofo squatter and have been from cali to florida, now an "exotic dancer"... go figure, huh. I'm writing a large zine that I want to publish about my travels and the "partys with bums". Haha... if I can remember all of it. Bout to go party with bums, well Josh isn't a real bum, just looks and smells like one. So I best be out... what better than an $0.89 40oz to start the night.
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